Home-brewed beer, from our brewery, crafty & intense

At Bierfabriek Delft we brew our own beer. Deliciously traditional. This takes place in the beer brewery in the middle of our restaurant . A beautiful and an absolute eye-catcher when you enter. Every beer we brew is characteristic, but also has an accessible taste.




PUUR | Alc. % 5.0

A Pilsener brewed especially for us. Full and rich in taste. Pure is unfiltered and unpasteurized so that the tasty protein and yeast residues are retained.



Beer brewery delftSNIPPERDAG  Alc. % 6.0

Soft and fresh blond beer, inspired by Belgian abbey beer.  With spicy and fruity notes and a slight
bitterness due to the use of German and Czech hops.



VALS ALARM Alc. % 5.8

Home-Ruby ​​red Ale.
Fruity with a little bitterness due to the use of Czech hops.
Smooth malty beer. A fresh thirst quencher with a soft taste.




Porter, an accessible beer with a small ‘bite’.
Hints of chocolate and toast with a soft bitter aftertaste.



bier delftSCHAFTTIJD | Alc. % 4.5

IPA, strongly hopped, malty, which ends in a soft bitterness.
Lots of fruity and spicy notes.



PLOEGBAAS | Alc. % 8.5

Triple, is also such an unfiltered personality.
Fresh but firm, let yourself be seduced by the scent and colour.

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