Draft your own beer
Privat tap table
night out in Amsterdam

Bierfabriek Amsterdam - Taptafels

Reserve a privat beer tap table.
Each tap table can have a minimal
of 6 persons and max. 8 persons.
Click on the reserve button and choose
Taptable diner of Taptable Borrel(snacks),
more then 11 persons?
Make the inquiry on the reservation button in the right corner.

On your privat tap you can have
one or two of our beers:

      • Puur | Pilsner  €11,- per ltr
      • Vals Alarm |Red Ale €13,- pr ltr
      • Schafttijd | IPA € 13,- pr ltr


Max. 2 hours and we do not accept bachelorparties!!